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Wooden Nickels

Mark Nickels will be sharing outtakes and second angles of tour footage etc. from Berlin on his tumblr .  Nineteen Nine Nickel productions was 16 yrs. ago.  Glad to see your still out there doing it Mark!

                          'Wooden Nickels' episode 1: Mark Baines & Blueprint from Mark Nickels on Vimeo.

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Over the last two days of piling out I've managed to watch about 4 hrs (prolly an understatement) of these interviews and I wish there were more.  Watching the interviewees warm up (or not) to a fast talking high pitched
 eccentric interviewer, as they realize he has done his homework and has a wealth of knowledge about not only the interviewee but the music industry as a whole, is fully entertaining to me.  And, in most cases, you get to hear  more about the artists influences than you would with a question when Nardwuar simply hands one of his subjects a record that is important to them...I wanna see Nardwuar vs. Giovanni Reda.  

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Sol Lewitt

There are a few Lewitt installation videos online but this is the first deinstallation i've seen.

Friday, March 25, 2011

no video but here's Shel singing what he wrote.

A Proper Bite.

Pop and Circumstance
By Adam Kleinman
Parmenides once said, “nothing comes from nothing,” all matter is born of some other stuff, transformed. In parallel, ideas build off forbears. Thus, all art, as with all exchanges, is derivate, and at the same time, potentially transformative. Even so, there is a slight irritation when a new voicing resembles too closely an antecedent. To this end, critics have tried to define the difference between an inspiration and a copy by formulating the pejorative term “plagiarize” to denote theft—around the time the liberal idea of personal property was also in development. In suite, an academic calculus was set in place to regulate these moral issues in its closed system. However, no such measure exists in colloquial speech other than public opinion. In fact, in popular culture, the “transformative nature”, often the yardstick to defend allowable “borrowing”, tends not to be aimed at the work or ideas themselves, but at the ability for the performer to make the appropriation part of their persona. In other words, the transformation comes when the actor “owns it” by reaching a level of intrigue and publicity in an action, a use, or reuse of various forms. This acceptance becomes the transformative act itself; communication is the production. In such a set up, the idea of plagiarism is subjective, as “value” can now be placed in the social performance. 

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Katharina Grosse

While working today I got to see a Katharina Grosse piece for the first time in person. I would definitely rather see one of her installations in a large space, than see one of her sculptural paintings crammed into the corner of an art fair booth, but it still reminded me how dope her work is.

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